With so many qualified engineers, contractors, inspectors, specialists and more looking for new opportunities, Trenchlesspedia is reaching out with a great writing opportunity for you.

With alarming rates of economic uncertainty we’re facing, maybe now more than ever, there are countless minds looking for new challenges to keep busy and put their name at the forefront of the trenchless industry.

This is the perfect challenge for you.

How Will You Help Trenchlesspedia?

You’ll join our growing team of expert contributors who deliver top-notch insight for all trenchless industry experts and decision-makers who are interested in further educating themselves, or even for their own general interest.

You’ll be able to share your own passion for trenchless technology with thousands of other professionals from around the globe. Your words can help propel Trenchlesspedia to new heights, which is exactly why we’re depending on you to contribute.

Here's Why You Should Be Writing For Us

1. You get to share your expertise on a global scale.

Being featured as an industry expert and having your words shared with thousands of other industry professionals is a great opportunity to promote your name and your expert content with our loyal readers and social channels.

2. You'll get invaluable industry recognition.

This unique opportunity will allow you to grow a true following and earn serious recognition for being a thought-leader in your trade.

3. You'll earn money.

We offer competitive content rates that will suit your expertise. Your experience is highly valued by us and we’ll reward that with fair compensation.

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Trenchless Experts We’re Looking For

We're asking all engineers, contractors, inspectors and more who have experience to reach out and share with us. We’re always looking out for trenchless professionals from a wide variety of trenchless construction-related backgrounds.

It's because of your great industry experience that helps us produce high-quality content that thousands of visitors count on each month.

About Our Trenchlesspedia Team

We deliver educational content about trenchless construction and trenchless rehabilitation technologies and methods. We focus on topics such as directional drilling, microtunneling, pipeline inspection, pipeline rehab, plus new and innovative equipment and methods that continue to push trenchless technology to new heights.

Our aim is to connect trenchless industry professionals to the solutions and issues that matter most with our complete source of industry-specific information and answers.

Questions You May Be Asking Yourself

What if I don't write very well, but have a lot of knowledge to share?

Not a problem. We have a great editorial team to help guide your words and get your thoughts up to our publication standards.

I know I can write well enough, but who will edit and format my articles to look like they normally do on your site?

The Corrosionpedia team has always been behind the scenes making every piece of content we get from our writers look great.

I have a lot of experience but I don't know how to pitch ideas — is that a problem?

No. We can help you with ideas and get you working on content that suits your strengths. Over time you may realize you're better at thinking of ideas than you first thought.

What’s Next?

If you would like to write for us, please share more about your credible industry experience by visiting our "Write For Us" page.

We'll contact you as soon as possible to discuss how you can start contributing to Trenchlesspedia.

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