Top 5 Reasons to Attend a No-Dig Show

By Denise Sullivan
Published: July 29, 2019 | Last updated: July 5, 2023
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The Florence 2019 No-Dig Show is great for industry pros to learn and share information about trenchless technology, plus it’s a perfect opportunity to grow a professional network and increase the visibility of your trenchless company.

The Florence 2019 No-Dig Show kicks off September 30, 2019. The three-day expo brings together the best information about trenchless technology. Additionally, there are exhibits from many of the top names in trenchless tech. It is a place for not just savvy technicians but also city planners or anyone who wants to know more about the trenchless technology industry.


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Learning About Benefits of Trenchless Technology

No-Dig shows are all about educating attendees about trenchless technology. The lectures in the conference highlight the different uses for trenchless tech across a variety of industries. In the Italian market, there had been a downward trend. However, with the market recovering the future of trenchless construction and rehabilitation is on the rise.


This upward trend gives attendees to learn about how the field will benefit in areas such as the oil and gas sector. With Italy being the third-largest oil and gas market in Europe, there is an explosion in the rehabilitation and construction of new gas lines. Italy is set to be the strategic role as a hub in Europe.

Attendees can also learn how trenchless technology will help with rehabilitating and constructing new water and sewage lines. Italian aqueducts are old and often in disrepair, causing difficulty due to demographic growth.

Learning About New Technologies

Attending a No-Dig show learning about the benefits trenchless technology has on construction is only a small part. Learning about new technology is another aspect of attending. Lectures offered during the three-day seminar provide new insights on developing technology in the field.

No-dig shows are a great place to unveil new findings. Attendees are there to be informed about advancements. Each show calls for academic papers for presentation during the seminar. During learning sessions, there may be opportunities to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in certain areas.

How many CEUs and what field of trenchless technology they cover depends on the conference and papers being presented.


Besides learning about new technological advancements in trenchless construction and rehabilitation, conference attendees also learn about new practices. Some practices, such as horizontal directional drilling, have been around for years. However, there are always new approaches which may make it safer for operators and other workers.

Increased Visibility of Your Company

While a No-Dig show is a learning opportunity, it is also a place for exhibitors. By exhibiting your company and its services, you increase the exposure of your business to outsiders.

Although most people who attend No-Dig shows are for those who are already in the industry, not everyone who visits the exhibits work in trenchless construction or rehabilitation. Representatives from municipalities often attend to learn more about how construction or repair will benefit their cities.

They not only can learn about the procedures but get to meet with contractors that may assist in the renovation and development of new subterranean structures.

Networking Opportunities

Networking is an essential part of any business. Connecting with others who are familiar with your industry is a good thing. Competition is fierce in every aspect of the company. However, have those mutually beneficial relationships with others so you can share information, advice, and referrals.

Attending seminars and presentations is one way to build your network, but also visiting exhibits with stalls promoting different businesses in your industry is another.

Expos such as a No-Dig Show allows you to meet others in your field and build these much-needed relationships. You can share trade information you may have and learn new things in return. Sometimes, you’ll be able to get and refer projects, if something is outside your scope.

Sometimes, you may even find someone with a referral for a worker you may desperately need.

The Florence 2019 Program Schedule

The Florence 2019 No-Dig Show has different presentations throughout the three-day run. Attendees can choose from various discussions to meet their interests. Talks include broader informational seminars on research and development, trenchless technology case studies, and the worldwide trenchless market.

There are also more specific discussions such as microtunneling, pipe jacking, auger boring, horizontal directional drilling, and pipelining and coating.

At the Florence 2019 No-Dig Show, there are industrial EKSO sessions. They also discuss environmental and sustainability of trenchless technology. An essential course in which attendees can partake in the Round Table Discussion. The round table at the Florence 2019 No-Dig Show is water and wastewater.

There are many reasons to attend the No-Dig Show. It is not just for those who work in the field, but also for those who want to know more. Even if you don’t want to attend lectures and presentation, the exhibition is open to all.

It is an excellent place to get more information and meet industry leaders. The Florence 2019 No-Dig Show begins September 30, 2019, and runs through October 2, 2019.

Registration is underway and closes September 20, 2019. For more info on the program and speakers, click here.

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Written by Denise Sullivan | Technical Writer @ Trenchlesspedia

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