Steel, clay, HDPE, and PVC pipes range in lifespans, which can be expanded based on maintenance. But not all are best for every trenchless project.

Overtime, these pipes can develop flow blockages from mineral deposits inside the pipe. Regular maintenance checks can help prevent buildup and extend the serviceable life of the pipe. (Read our article on The Lifespan of Steel, Clay, Plastic & Composite Pipes.)

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There are many different materials that are used for the purpose of sewer and water pipeline installations. With the advent of trenchless technology, it has become easier to replace or repair pipelines that are old or have been damaged.

Materials like HDPE are favored for trenchless rehabilitation because they are resistant to corrosion and are adaptable to different situations. Maintenance of pipelines is the key to ensure longer and trouble-free service life irrespective of the material of the pipe.

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