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This section includes various free downloads, including whitepapers, reports, presentation slides, and other valuable resources to help those interested in the challenges of trenchless drilling.
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Image for the importance of HDD pullback design
Perhaps the most commonly overlooked part of any Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) design is the product pipe pullback support. However, as will be discussed here, the...
Image for hydrovac trucks
Innovations in hydrovac trucks are making trenchless construction and rehabilitation methods better and more efficient than ever before.
Image for fiber installation trenchless technology
Several factors, such as terrain, surface conditions, site location, and much more need to be considered before proceeding with fiber installation — Learn why.
Image for The Ultimate Guide to Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles and Robots
This whitepaper explains the different uses of underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROV), with case study examples when available. It also delves into some of the more...
Image for A Mud Engineer's Ultimate Guide to Drilling Fluids
Selecting the appropriate drilling fluid is crucial to the success of drilling operations. It is, therefore, essential that mud engineers understand how these compounds...
Image for Design Considerations - Roads Rivers and Rail: Structural Culvert Rehabilitation
This design guide will feature two separate projects requiring heavy load rating repairs, without closures to above ground road and rail. One of these cases also...
Image for Buried Water & Wastewater Pipes: Installation, Replacement and Rehabilitation Tips and Techniques
While trenchless methods offer numerous advantages, it is crucial that best practices and proper techniques be used to maximize the probability of a successful...
Image for Geotechnical Site Investigations: Your Ultimate Guide to Identifying Project Risks
Get a better understanding of the importance of identifying project risks before disaster strikes with proper geotechnical site investigation methods.
Image for How To Detect Pipe Corrosion in Underground Force Mains Plus Must-Have Corrosion Detection Equipment
Get a better understanding of the importance of early pipe corrosion detection and how to find it, plus learn about the equipment you'll need.
Image for An In-Depth Look At the Horizontal Directional Drilling Process
Get a deeper understanding of horizontal directional drilling and how this process impacts trenchless construction.
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