Canadian Gas Association

Published: March 12, 2021 | Last updated: July 5, 2023

What Does Canadian Gas Association Mean?

The Canadian Gas Association (CGA) was founded in 1907 and, in their own words, is the voice of Canada's natural gas distribution industry. Their members include natural gas distribution companies, transmission companies, equipment manufacturers and other service providers. These companies deliver natural gas to approximately 7 million homes, schools, hospitals, and religious places to meet their energy needs.

According to their estimate, over 20 million Canadians currently have the opportunity to benefit from these service providers. Over 566,000 km of transmission and distribution pipelines with storage facilities both underground and above ground help distribute gas to different customer locations. This natural gas helps heat homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, and offices, generate electricity, power appliances, and fuel vehicles.

Natural gas meets about 35% of Canada’s energy requirements and the demand has only been increasing indicating that Canadians desire to have access to sensible, clean, and affordable energy. The Canadian Energy Regulator has forecasted that by 2035 natural gas will be Canada’s largest energy source. CGA not only provides natural gas which is a reliable energy source but also makes sure it’s affordable so that Canadians can live a quality life.

CGA is committed to the continued growth and well-being of Canada’s economic, social, and environmental aspects. Affordable energy means significant savings for consumers resulting in economic growth as investors are attracted to the markets’ low energy input costs.

The President and CEO of CGA is Timothy M. Egan, Chair is Leigh Ann Shoji-Lee, President Pacific Northern Gas Ltd., 1st Vice-Chair is Malini Giridhar, Vice President, Business Development and Regulatory, Enbridge Gas Inc., and 2nd Vice-Chair is Jason Sharpe, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution, ATCO Gas.


Trenchlesspedia Explains Canadian Gas Association

Canadian homeowners, businesses, and institutions stand to benefit from natural gas according to the Canadian Gas Association for the following reasons:

  • It is affordable compared to other energy options like electricity, propane, and oil heating.
  • It is an efficient and clean energy source with lesser emissions compared to any other fuels.
  • It is an essential partner for renewables and emerging low emission technology.
  • Natural gas utilities have always supported energy efficiency programs.
  • Natural gas utilities drive innovation in energy end-use technology.

CGA’s Goal

The goal of CGA is to build an understanding of their product, natural gas;

  • Advance efficiency and innovation in the energy and economy discourse.
  • Drive for improved regulatory engagement.
  • Ensure continuous improvements in safety and integrity management.
  • Pursue partnerships to better deliver energy services to Canadians.
  • CGA also develops educational information and organizes and sponsors training schools, workshops, seminars, and conferences.
  • CGA membership provides a powerful communication tool, a voice to decision-makers, links to related organizations and the opportunity to help shape the future of the North American energy industry.

Partners and Initiatives

The NGIF was created by the CGA to support the funding of cleantech innovation in the natural gas value chain. Its investment focus is on natural gas production, natural gas transmission, and natural gas distribution.

  • Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance (CNGVA)

The CNGVA advocates on behalf of Canada’s natural gas transportation industry. Natural gas vehicle technologies provide proven, commercially available transportation solutions that reduce emissions while using lower-cost fuel.

  • Canadian Energy Partnership for Environmental Innovation (CEPEI)

CEPEI is a collaboration of Canada’s major natural gas transmission and distribution companies and Environment and Climate Change Canada. It develops technical tools and information related to environmental management and energy efficiency to support the Canadian natural gas industry.


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