Fuzzy Drilling Direction Controller (FDDC)

What Does Fuzzy Drilling Direction Controller (FDDC) Mean?

A fuzzy drilling direction controller (FDDC) is a tool used in drill bit directional steering technology. The controller uses input from the difference between the actual and planned drill paths and applies computational fuzzy logic and steering rules to calculate directional adjustments. Fuzzy drilling direction controllers assist drill operators by bringing the drilling process as close as possible to true automation.


Trenchlesspedia Explains Fuzzy Drilling Direction Controller (FDDC)

Fuzzy logic uses observable system input and systematically maps it into controllable system output. In other words, data gathered on site is used as input into the drilling mechanism to make real-time directional drilling decisions.

Fuzzy logic, although somewhat automated, still requires a manual input solution. Basic principles and rules must be programmed into the system to ensure that the directional drilling process goes according to plan. Overall, fuzzy logic controllers attempt to mimic human input without the constant oversight of a human operator.


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