Definition - What does Skid mean?

A skid is a steel framed structure, usually constructed from I beams, angles or channels, which is used as a shipping and support platform for various types of equipment. This support structure allows manufacturers to fabricate and assemble the required unit under controlled shop conditions to facilitate the trenchless project to be undertaken. Once assembled, the equipment can be permanently mounted on the skid for ease of transport to the final site location.

Trenchlesspedia explains Skid

Skid-mounted equipment provides an alternative to on-site assembly where individual system parts are shipped and incrementally installed at the job site. Having the equipment assembled off-site allows for more control and helps to avoid some of the risks associated with on-site assembly.

In addition, using skid-mounted equipment can result in reduced construction time due to parallel construction, where the unit can be assembled off-site while on-site upgrades are being conducted simultaneously. This avoids the need for time-consuming on-site logistics associated with on-site assembly and fabrication.

Skid-mounted equipment can contain entire process systems or smaller individual systems that can be combined to create larger process systems.

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