Valve Station

Definition - What does Valve Station mean?

Valve stations are junctions where pipes in a network have a central control system. They are built along the pipeline above the right of way, like near roads away from overhead electric lines and other obstructions where it is easily accessible, making it easier for workmen to access the valve station in case of an emergency.

Metering stations are placed at regular intervals along the length of the pipelines to measure and monitor the flow of oil or gas.

Trenchlesspedia explains Valve Station

The valve station can be remotely operated and regulations are in accordance with requirements of the operating company. A communication system used to interact between all valve stations is kept in operating condition at all times to ensure quick relay and response in an emergency or otherwise.

With the help of these stations, it is possible to isolate a particular segment of pipeline for maintenance or repair work. Depending on the type of pipeline, i.e. the type of product the pipeline transports, the valve stations are located at an interval of 20 to 30 miles.

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