Site-Poured Concrete


Definition - What does Site-Poured Concrete mean?

Site-poured concrete is building material that is poured, molded, and cured onsite. The alternative to site-poured concrete is precast concrete, and each method has its advantages. Pouring concrete onsite is a common practice in trenchless construction.

Site-poured concrete is also known as in-situ concrete or cast-in-place concrete.

Trenchlesspedia explains Site-Poured Concrete

When it comes to pouring concrete, construction operators often find that completing the process onsite makes sense. But site-poured concrete, since it involves a customized solution, can be more expensive. Weather can also affect the quality of concrete that is poured onsite. It may be more difficult to maintain quality control with in-situ concrete as opposed to using precast concrete segments.

Concrete that is cast in place may arrive ready-mixed or may be mixed onsite. A truck agitator, commonly known as a cement truck, brings ready-mixed concrete to the site. Trenchless construction operations use the site-poured concrete method when the use of concrete slabs or segments would not be possible.

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