Tool Crib

Definition - What does Tool Crib mean?

A tool crib can be defined as a collection of various methods and associated tools that can come handy in any trenchless project. While undertaking a trenchless project, it is not uncommon to encounter unpredictable circumstances. However, it is essential that the contractor is never caught off guard and is equipped with any tool that may be required in such circumstances. Foresight is essential in assembling an effective tool crib.

Trenchlesspedia explains Tool Crib

A contractor dealing in trenchless technology will need to have a tool crib from which he can pull out the necessary tools to get the job done. A successful contractor usually has most of the trenchless methods such as horizontal directional drilling (HDD), horizontal auger boring (HAB), pipe ramming, moling, microtunneling etc. in their toolbox including survey equipment.

A well-equipped tool crib can prove to be a very time and cost saving alternative especially when a better option in case a different soil type is encountered. A tool crib should also be equipped with spares of parts that are prone to wear and tear and require frequent change. In any trenchless project, time is money and the better the tools available in the tool crib, the faster and better a contractor can work and get the job done.

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