Service Connection


Definition - What does Service Connection mean?

Service connections are pipes that connect drains from toilets, baths, kitchens and laundry appliances in homes, businesses and industries to the city sewer system. There are regulations enforced by governing municipal authorities with regards to guidelines to be followed while installing service connections. Specific service connections, such as those for water and gas, have their own set of rules to prevent contamination. These service connections, involving smaller diameter pipes, can be easily installed using trenchless technology such as impact moling.

Trenchlesspedia explains Service Connection

Service connections usually run short distances, therefore, impact moling proves to be the cheapest, and fastest method for installing them. These service connections usually have to pass under sidewalks, drive ways, roads and other such crossings. Using trenchless methods, a small excavation is undertaken at the entry and exit points. Impact moles consist of an enclosed steel tube with an air powered piston that drives the nose forward by striking it. As the mole progresses, it displaces/compacts the soil laterally. This method can be easily used in congested areas, but only for small diameter pipes.

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