Lid Gasket

Published: May 27, 2018 | Last updated: July 5, 2023

What Does Lid Gasket Mean?

A lid gasket is a piece of rubber or similar material used to provide a watertight seal for manhole covers. It is used to prevent the inflow of water into sewers or utility holes.

Infiltration is a problem common to underground infrastructures and a critical issue in the trenchless construction field.


Trenchlesspedia Explains Lid Gasket

One source writes that 40% of the infiltration of underground infrastructures is the result of leaky manhole covers. Sewer system managers try to minimize the inflow of water into their pipes if possible, and utilities with cables and other sensitive components definitely need to limit or eliminate water damage.

A big rainstorm can wreak havoc on underground infrastructure that is not adequately protected. There are various designs of lid gaskets on the market, as well as methods for installation and inspection. The gasket can be horizontal, under the edge of the manhole cover, or vertical, along the sides of the manhole. Grout or some other sealing material may also be used to keep the seal or manhole cover in place.


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