Canadian Common Ground Alliance

Published: May 19, 2017 | Last updated: July 5, 2023

What Does Canadian Common Ground Alliance Mean?

The Canadian Common Ground Alliance (CCGA) is a Canadian trade organization dedicated to ensuring public safety and damage prevention in underground construction in Canada’s provinces. Its members determine what issues must be approached with a single, national voice. Like the Common Ground Alliance in the U.S., they provide information on best practices and sponsor an online ” Call (or Click) Before You Dig” program to locate existing underground services,

Officially formed in the United States in 2000, the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) represents a continuation of the damage prevention efforts embodied by the Common Ground Study. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation and completed in 1999, this Study represents the collaborative work of 160 industry professionals who identified best practices relating to damage prevention.


Trenchlesspedia Explains Canadian Common Ground Alliance

The CCGA manages damage prevention issues of national interest in underground construction with its Regional Partners including the Ontario Common Ground Alliance (ORCGA), British Columbia Common Ground Alliance (BCCGA), Québec CGA (APISQ), the Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA), Saskatchewan Regional Common Ground Alliance, the Manitoba Regional Common Ground Alliance and the Atlantic Canada Common Ground Alliance. CCGA and its partners consider these important environmental issues best addressed through a single voice and shared responsibility. CCGA best practices are followed by groups and corporations which include excavators, road builders, public works and utility companies, telecommunication and cable providers, oil, gas, railroad and equipment Manufacturers.


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