Partially Separate System

Definition - What does Partially Separate System mean?

A partially separate system is a combination of a combined sewerage system and separate sewerage systems. This type of sewerage system helps decrease the load from a combined sewerage system and the lag of separate sewerage systems. With trenchless technology, it is now possible to create a separate sewerage system with minimum disturbance to the old sewer network.

Trenchlesspedia explains Partially Separate System

A partially separate sewerage system prevents silting due to overflow from storm water. However; according to municipal laws, storm water drains, surface runoffs and foundation drains should not be connected to the sewage lines unless there are no other alternatives. During heavy rains and storms there is a chance of clogging of partially separate systems because of excess run off, leaves, roots and mud. This can cause excess hydraulic load on the sewage treatment plant or cause excess untreated sewage to be directly discharged into receiving water bodies causing contamination. Trenchless methods allow for rehabilitation of sewers by minimum disturbance to ground structures, trees and natural habitats. Once the new system is installed, the old system can be decommissioned.

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