Definition - What does Geomapping mean?

Geomapping is defined as a method of land and sub surface surveying using GPS that presents a detailed view of a site and the surrounding area including roads, buildings, mountains, rivers, estuaries and pipelines. The ability to precisely locate sewer and water utilities is essential in trenchless technology as it provides a useful representation of the site conditions below and above ground before plans and designs are finalized, and equipment and machinery is moved to location.

Trenchlesspedia explains Geomapping

Locating old pipeline systems using utility maps may not always be accurate and up to date, and locating these maps can also be time consuming and costly. Identifying pipelines is critical in order to avoid causing damage to existing pipe networks. Water pipelines, sewage pipes, natural gas pipelines, oil pipelines, chemical pipelines, electric lines and fiber optic lines are some of the crisscrossing network of pipelines below the surface. Without proper mapping, It is possible that during the process of drilling or laying pipelines the drill could pass through another pipeline creating a cross bore. With geomapping techniques using GPS, such mishaps can be avoided. Accurate information and locations can be stored and retrieved at will. Inconsistencies can be noted and updated for future work.

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