Sewer Cleaning

Definition - What does Sewer Cleaning mean?

Sewer cleaning can be defined as the process of cleaning sewer pipelines that carry waste water from homes, offices and industries. It is an important responsibility of every home and city to keep sewers clean to prevent overflow and foul smell. Everything flushed down a toilet or poured down a drain goes through a pipeline into the sewer system.

Sewer lines are now laid using trenchless technology, and access points along the line are provided in case of blockage due to solid waste or overflow.

Trenchlesspedia explains Sewer Cleaning

Sewers are inspected using remotely operated crawlers with mounted cameras that are passed through the pipeline. In places where blockage or damage is found, cleaning or repair is undertaken. Usually, where blockage in sewers is found, a nozzle is inserted into the access point nearest to the blockage and water is released at high pressure that pushes the blockage into the main sewer system. Sometimes, the blockage includes gravel, roots, sand and other such debris pushed into the sewer system through storm drains during bad weather conditions. In such cases, vacuum trucks are employed that suck up the stuck debris and dirt and dispose them in a landfill.

Homeowners are responsible for the clogged sewers if it’s within their property. In main sewer lines, municipal workers help clean out the debris and blockage to keep the sewer in good condition to prevent overflow.

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