Main Sewer

Published: | Updated: January 25, 2021

Definition - What does Main Sewer mean?

Main sewer can be defined as the primary pipeline in a sewerage system to which all the branching pipes carrying sewage from different locations are connected. The main sewer carries the sewage from these branches to the treatment plant. Clean out of branch sewers from the main sewer can be done by using drain snakes. However; when main sewers get clogged it requires professional clean up. Regular inspection can help prevent clogs and blocks and keep the main drain in working condition.

Trenchlesspedia explains Main Sewer

Main drains are usually of sufficient capacity to cater to the load from the neighborhood it serves. However; with increasing population, and need for newer buildings, more connections are joined to the main sewer, increasing the load without increase in capacity. Problems like backflow can occur when main drains are overworked or clogged. Other reasons for failure of main sewers are collapse of pipe, tree root intrusion, flushing of solid objects down toilet drains, etc. Trenchless rehabilitation methods like CIPP, mechanical spot repair, pipe bursting, sliplining, shotcrete, etc. can be used to rectify problems in sewer lines.

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