Definition - What does Chipping mean?

Chipping consists of rough-hewing materials composed of soft roe or concrete that block the sewer with a chisel. During excavation, a drill or auger flakes away the surface layer of hard materials such as rock when cutting a bore. This method is used in trenchless construction in the excavation process.

Trenchlesspedia explains Chipping

As the bottom-hole assembly (BHA) and the drill bit encounters rock, it breaks off pieces of rock and the surrounding dirt in the process. With the use of drilling fluid, these materials are then flushed back up the drill string. A special chisel bit is required (often a diamond bit) that causes the rock face to flake off as the result of being compressed. Once on the surface, debris is removed from the drilling fluid at the shakers, then returned to the mud tank to be cleaned and begin its trip down-hole again.

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