Rotary Rod Machine

What Does Rotary Rod Machine Mean?

A rotary rod machine is a drilling machine – used in horizontal directional drilling – that uses a bit attached to a rod to drill through the earth. Unlike in auger, the rotary rod machine is not equipped with hex couplings and a flighted drive to move the spoil from horizontal drilling that to the machine.

Instead, rotary rod machine uses drilling fluid to flush the spoil to the surface where it is removed by specialized mud-recycling systems, screens, and filters.


Trenchlesspedia Explains Rotary Rod Machine

Drill rods are segments of pipe screwed together end-to-end to form a drill string. The bit or other bottom hole assemblies (BHA) are attached to the bottom end of the first drill rod to go into the hole, along with sensors and the apparatus to introduce and remove drilling fluid in the bore.

The rotary rod machine is made up of the derrick, where the drill rods are assembled into the drill string and the motor to turn the drill string.


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