Shield Tunneling Method

Definition - What does Shield Tunneling Method mean?

The shield tunneling method is a form of excavation with the use of a shield in the front of a tunnel or pipe jack. The shield tunneling method was first used as a way to keep men safe inside man made tunnels as they dug. This meant providing a frame at the leading edge of the tunnel to prevent cave ins for the workers who were excavating until a more permanent structure could be put into place. In modern times, trenchless technology utilizes this method as a way to maintain face stabilization and minimize ground movement.

Trenchlesspedia explains Shield Tunneling Method

Examples of shield tunneling in modern times are almost exclusively closed shield types. This type provides for face stabilization by air or slurry in a pressurized compartment that also includes the cutting mechanism. As opposed to open shield types, closed shield types do not need a pressurized caisson, protecting the health of workers inside the tunnel.

Earth pressure boring machines (EPBM) and slurry shields are two examples of machines that use the shield tunneling method.

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