Machine Roller

What Does Machine Roller Mean?

A machine roller – also known as a cam or track follower – makes contact with a rotating cam to drive in an auger, drill or hammer/ram. As the cam rotates, the converts and engines mechanical and into linear (back-and-fourth motion such as that which drives a hammer) or rotary motion. The cam imparts its linear or rotary motion to the machine roller which, in turn drives the hammer or the auger.


Trenchlesspedia Explains Machine Roller

The machine roller used in trenchless equipment has a parallel in the world of automotive mechanics: the pushrod. In an automobile engine, the cam is driven by the crankshaft. As the cam turns, its lobes push on the pushrod, actuating the valves in the cylinder heads. In trenchless equipment, such as a ram, the machine roller – driven by the cam – causes the ram's cyclic impact that drives the pipe section through the earth.



Track follower, Cam follower, Follower

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