Published: | Updated: January 25, 2021

Definition - What does Kip mean?

A kip is a unit of measurement of force equivalent to 1,000 pounds-force. Kip is a shorthand term used by architects and engineers to measure load. A kip can also measure weight, but is not commonly used in this manner. The term kip is useful in trenchless engineering, particularly in pipe ramming technology.

A kip is also at times referred to as a kilopound.

Trenchlesspedia explains Kip

Knowing how to measure force is important in engineering. In 1960, the International System of Units (SI) was published. The SI standard measurement for force is the newton (N). The kip is a non-SI unit of measurement which is equivalent to 4448.2216 newtons. Kip is primarily used by American engineers.

The kip is based on the pound, or pound-force, which is part of English Engineering units or the British Gravitational System. One pound-force equals 4.448222 newtons. The symbol for pound force is lbf or lbf.

Kip may be used any time an engineer wants to measure force. In trenchless construction, this could be any aspect of the design where exacting force specifications are required, such as when testing joints for tensile strength under pressure during installation using trenchless methods.

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