Hoop Stress

Last Updated: December 20, 2018

Definition - What does Hoop Stress mean?

Hoop stress is the circumferential force per unit areas (Psi) in the pipe wall due to internal pressure. It can be explained as the largest tensile stress in a supported pipe carrying a fluid under pressure. Trenchless methods are used to replace pipes that have failed or correct system issues such as clogs or blockages that impede internal flow.

Trenchlesspedia explains Hoop Stress

The formula for hoop stress is the internal pressure times the internal diameter of the cylinder divided by twice the wall thickness of the cylinder. The effect of a failure of a pipe relative to hoop stress may split the pipe into two halves. The failure of the pipe into two halves is possible across any plane with the same diameter and axis of the pipe. The identification of a problem is originally noted as low pressure as a result of breaks, leaks, or pipe corrosion resulting in inadequate performance, or high internal pressures in excess of the accepted stress level of a pipe causing a rupture.

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