Guide Rail

Definition - What does Guide Rail mean?

A guide rail is a device used in the entrance pit of a pipe ramming operation to ensure the line and grade of the equipment are properly aligned with the proposed bore. It is used in trenchless operations to ensure accuracy during excavation and pipe installation.

The use of a guide rail is an alternative to employing a jacking frame within the pit.

Trenchlesspedia explains Guide Rail

One of the methods employed in the trenchless construction industry to ensure that pipes are rammed in the right direction is to use a guide rail. Installing a guide rail is part of the setup of a pipe jacking operation. The first step is the excavation of both the entrance and exit pits. Once safety measures are in place, the guide rail is installed. This may require the pouring of a concrete mat as a foundation to secure the guide rail in place.

The guide rail might be compared to a short railroad track. The pipe rammer is placed on a steel track that ensures that it strikes the pipe at the proper angle to advance the pipe further through the bore.

The use of a guide rail or jacking frame is integral to any pipe ramming operation.

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