Core Area

Last Updated: June 4, 2017

Definition - What does Core Area mean?

The core area of a sewer network is the system's critical sewer sections. These sections are more likely to experience severe hydraulic problems.

The core area of a sewer system requires more monitoring than areas that aren't critical to the system's operation - those that could cause systemwide disruption. Although the critical area may include portions diutstributed over the whole system, it's treated as a single entity.

Trenchlesspedia explains Core Area

Core areas require detailed flow simulations to define problems. Core areas may include older parts of a city where sewer lines might consist of segments of Orangeburg clay pipe. There may be damaged lead pipes, often found around older hospitals. Gravity sewer lines might have suffered changes to their slope as the result of earth movements or unstable subsurface conditions. Simulations allow engineers to account for conditions in the lines and recommend appropriate remedies, including replacement or other rehabilitative measures.

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