Definition - What does Potholing mean?

Potholing is a method that includes vacuum excavation for the purpose of obtaining visual confirmation of utilities and underground obstructions near or crossing the planned bore path. This is a process by where a small, exploratory hole is dug along the proposed path of underground construction to ensure there's no conflict with existing subsurface construction or any other feature that will interfere with the project.

Trenchlesspedia explains Potholing

Trenchless technology, like any subsurface construction, requires you to know exactly where any adjacent underground utilities are located. It requires you to know where any and all obstructions are located. The approximate location of underground utilities available from state and local agencies and GIS systems can help to an extent, but there are numerous underground obstructions such as boulders that need to be mapped. Potholing is best reserved for projects that are near the surface.

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