Pilot Tube Method


Definition - What does Pilot Tube Method mean?

The pilot tube method is a trenchless construction technique completed in stages for increased accuracy or directional control. A pilot tube is initially installed with the aid of fine directional control, after which the bore is widened using pipe reaming or pipe jacking methods. This method enables a large bore pipe to be installed with a much higher control over the grade and line than is normally possible.

Trenchlesspedia explains Pilot Tube Method

Pilot tube construction requires the excavation of an entry and exit pit at the beginning and end point of the route. The pilot tube is installed using fine directional control including the use of theodolites and cameras. The steering head direction is set by an operator ensuring that the precise line is kept while drilling through the soil. Once the steering head and theodolite system reaches the exit pit, they are removed. A reaming head is then passed along the path of the pilot tube, while augers remove the spoil behind. Product pipes are installed behind the auger casings to complete the installation. Directional control of the pilot tube method is much cheaper than large scale micro tunnelling devices.

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