Design Specification

Definition - What does Design Specification mean?

A design specification is a document prepared by the client that details the specific requirements of the project. It is based on geotechnical information, piping requirements and permissible methods and means for the execution of the work.

A contractor must adhere to the design specifications as well as standard best practice in order to deliver a finished product that meets the client's requirements.

Trenchlesspedia explains Design Specification

Engineering documents that create the framework for a trenchless project are very important for the control of work quality and the requirements that a contractor must adhere to. They also provide a sense of security to the contractor, solidifying that the scope of the work has been properly assessed and that competing contractors are bidding on a similar basis.

A design specification is an engineering document containing all the fundamental information required to do the work, including the desired method to be used, the geological conditions that are likely to be encountered and the environmental and safety requirements.

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