Dead Man

Last Updated: May 28, 2017

Definition - What does Dead Man mean?

A dead man, in the context of trenchless technology, is defined as a dead weight such as a heavy block, plate or beam firmly embedded under the soil. A dead man is also used for providing the necessary propulsion to drive a cutting head and casing through the soil.

A dead man is also referred to as a jacking lug.

Trenchlesspedia explains Dead Man

While installing casing in a bore hole, the machine that is attached to the end of the casing, the casing itself and the auger system are suspended using construction lifting equipment. The propulsion needed to drive the casing along with the cutting head into the ground is provided with the help of a winch, cable, and the dead man. The dead man is then connected to a cofferdam or a retaining wall with the help of a tie which acts as an anchor.

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