Auger Machine

Published: | Updated: October 27, 2017;

Definition - What does Auger Machine mean?

An auger machine is a device used to drill earth horizontally. It consists of a cutting head, a flighted drive tube and the drive mechanism to supply the force to push the auger through the earth. The cutting head penetrates the earth and the spoil is carried back to the entry pit along the auger coil.

Auger machines are used for laying horizontal pipes without digging trenches.

Trenchlesspedia explains Auger Machine

The cutting head of an auger machine cuts through the earth surface breaking it down into sand and loose dirt. This dirt, or "spoil," is drawn out of the tunnel by the action of the helical coils of the auger itself, which rotates in a steel casing. The spoil is discharged into the entry pit and then removed. Hydraulic jacks provide the force needed to rotate the auger and push the cutting head through the earth.

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