Impact Moling

Published: | Updated: February 7, 2019

Definition - What does Impact Moling mean?

Impact moling is a method used for the installation of small diameter pipes or cables using a pneumatic hammering tool. It is the simplest form of trenchless installation of pipelines for water, sewer, and gas under roads, sidewalks, embankments and other small crossings less than 150 feet. Impact moling is easy to operate, is low cost, and requires little to no excavation for the connection and termination pits. However; the diameter and length of the bore is limited. It works best in compressible soils.

Trenchlesspedia explains Impact Moling

Impact moling comes in both steerable and non-steerable types. It works on the simple principle of displacing soil while installing the pipe. The impact mole consists of a steel tube powered by a compressor attached to a piston. The pneumatic hammer placed at the head of the casing. The impact mole is first positioned at the correct line and grade after which compressor is activated, pushing the mole forward by the hammering action at the head. The mole is long and hence helps maintain the integrity of the bore hole as it advances. Once the borehole is completed, the product pipe is pulled in at the same time that the mole is extracted.

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