Angular Deflection

Definition - What does Angular Deflection mean?

Angular deflection is the amount of deviation from a straight line that results when a pipe coupling is displaced under a load. It is an engineering value that may be determined with mathematical precision.

Angular deflection is a factor in the design or inspection of underground pipes and is a matter for consideration in trenchless construction projects.

Trenchlesspedia explains Angular Deflection

Weak pipe joints can eventually result in leaks or other problems in underground systems. When a pipe joint is under load, it may bend. The value of that bending is called angular deflection. In engineering, deflection is a degree of deviation, a change in direction. The bending is usually at the centerline of the pipe coupling.

Such vulnerabilities may be detected through routine remote or manual inspection of pipes. The values gathered during an investigation may be collected for later reporting or assessment purposes. The testing of pipes may reveal the need for trenchless rehabilitation or replacement of pipes.

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