The most challenging part in the planning phase is land easement acquisition. Thanks to trenchless technology, land owners are more comfortable handing over their land...

Assessing the Value of Life in a Trenchless Project

Assessing value of life is part of any risk management plan for trenchless projects. Determining if a project has too high a probability for loss of life is vital.

Understanding Important Geotechnical Information that Helps Guide Complex HDD Projects

Horizontal directional drilling has made many aspects of pipeline construction easier, but there’s a complex side of HDD that is often overlooked while admiring its...


Trenchless projects are conducted beneath the surface and rely heavily on previously collected data from municipalities and through soil and geotechnical investigations....

QUIZ: Think You’re A Pipeline Inspection Expert?

Take our quiz and test your knowledge to see how much you know about pipeline inspection.

Labor costs

Before you take the grand leap and say, “The labor costs for this project are X,” you must remember that you have to charge an hourly rate that includes all of the...

Drilling water bore or well on agricultural field for irrigation purposes

Drilling waste disposal is a significant part of the cost of any drilling job. Knowing the different options available can help planners determine what is best

cured-in-place pipe lining

Since its introduction in the early 1970s, CIPP lining has continuously evolved to become one of the most widely used forms of trenchless pipe rehabilitation.

concrete microtunneling pipes the basics of microtunneling projects explained by Trenchlesspedia

Microtunneling is a trenchless construction technique that allows an operator to bore small diameter holes over great distances. The new pipelines are jacked in place...

trenchless construction planning

The planning of a trenchless project is similar to that of conventional projects, taking into account geotechnical investigation, project scope, safety plannin

trenchless challenges

Trenchless technology has changed the face of the construction industry, but that does not mean that trenchless technology is flawless; it has its share of cha

city project bid

Bidding on a city project will require you to provide information on your budget, timeline and your contingency plan. You'll have to give realistic timeframes and budget...

Right Drill Bit for Ground Conditions

Depending on the soil structure, a geological investigation provides information on which drill bits should be used for drilling in soft, medium and hard ground...

stress measurement

Learn what it takes to conduct stress measurement in rock mass and choose which test to use for your trenchless project.

red marker pen making checks in boxes on white paper

Guided boring machine maintenance requires keeping all fluid levels on the equipment full. Inspecting and washing drilling mud and other debris from the inside


What are some of the new trenchless technologies being used to minimize carbon emissions?

The construction industry has been in the spotlight forever when it comes to carbon emissions. Construction accounts for almost 1/3rd of global energy consumption, and...

What's the future of UV cured-in-place pipe rehabilitation?

Cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) has become one of the most important technology trends in the field of trenchless pipe rehabilitation around the world.CIPP allows an in-situ...

Can you trust your tap water during self-isolation?

Yes, as per the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). On its website, EPA states that:“The COVID-19...

What are the biggest risks involved with trenchless crossing installations?

Pipelines installed using trenchless crossing methods face many engineering and geological challenges. Trenchless crossings are frequently used to install pipelines...

When should I use slurry microtunneling on my trenchless project?

Microtunneling is a trenchless construction technique used to construct small- to medium-sized tunnels. During the microtunneling process, a remote-controlled,...