Dewatering Blue pump pipe water flow equipment agriculture

If dewatering is not managed well, it can cause major problems and concerns for the project, leading to costly delays or even failure.

Microtunneling pile of rocks

While microtunneling machines are capable of drilling through almost any obstruction, knowing what those obstructions are is integral to the planning process.

tuberculation corrosion in pipes

Tuberculation in pipes occurs in cast iron plumbing resulting in a brown slime buildup on the interior of the line. Here's how to fix it.

Sewer Manhole Cover

Trenchless Lateral Rehabilitation offers viable solutions to the unique challenges posed by the repair and rehabilitation of lateral sewer pipe.


The utility industry in Asia is ripe for the benefits offered by trenchless technology. Here's why.

cured-in-place-pipe CIPP trenchless rehabilitation

Asia's crumbling underground infrastructure and population density have made it the fastest-growing segment in the CIPP market.

Can Trenchless Technology Help Asia's Growing Construction Industry?

Developing countries in Asia are among the world’s fastest-growing economies with millions being invested in infrastructure development every year, but there's a much...


What does a mud engineer do, what is their training and why is it such an important job on trenchless construction sites?


What a geotechnical engineer does, what it takes to become one and everything else you need to know about this dynamic role.


Water and sewage pipelines can be constructed from various materials. However, ductile iron is widely embraced as the material of choice, and with good reason.


Oil and Gas Projects in 2020 are changing due to VR and trenchless technology. Here's how.


All pumps are not created equal. The right pumping equipment can reduce dewatering time, ensure pump longevity, and minimize construction costs.

Drill cuttings and CRI technology

Environmental liabilities and risk of contamination associated with the disposal of drill cuttings have given many contractors sleepless nights. Learn how CRI technology...

Corrosion inhibitors for systems with a high content of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) in the produced fluids

Here we will take a look at how corrosion due to hydrogen sulfide in sewer pipes can be controlled.

Close up of hands of business person working on computer, man using internet and social media

With so many qualified engineers, contractors, inspectors, specialists and more looking for new opportunities, this is the perfect challenge for you.


What are some of the new trenchless technologies being used to minimize carbon emissions?

The construction industry has been in the spotlight forever when it comes to carbon emissions. Construction accounts for almost 1/3rd of global energy consumption, and...

What's the future of UV cured-in-place pipe rehabilitation?

Cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) has become one of the most important technology trends in the field of trenchless pipe rehabilitation around the world.CIPP allows an in-situ...

Can you trust your tap water during self-isolation?

Yes, as per the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). On its website, EPA states that:“The COVID-19...

What are the biggest risks involved with trenchless crossing installations?

Pipelines installed using trenchless crossing methods face many engineering and geological challenges. Trenchless crossings are frequently used to install pipelines...

When Should I Use Slurry Microtunneling on My Project?

Microtunneling is a trenchless construction technique used to construct small- to medium-sized tunnels. During the microtunneling process, a remote-controlled,...